Good Vibes Kindness Rock Community Project

In 2022, at Good Vibes RI, we started a community project surrounding the ever popular Kindness Rock initiative that has brought immense joy, healing, happiness, to the world, especially during the last few years. We believe that this creative outlet of kindness has brought much joy to our community since its inception, and we expanded upon our project this year in 2023, when we officially declared ourselves a maker space, and artisan's retail gallery.

We created a designated Kindness Rock Painting Station that seats 4 at a time, which features a selection of rocks and sea shells, paint, brushes, a drying rack, and palettes. The cost to participate is just a little bit of time, creativity, and some heart. Our artists may donate their creations to our new- as of 2023- Kindness Rock Garden, which is located right outside our door on our sidewalk, surrounding the Healing Tree for a person in need to take, or they may opt to 'make and take' their creations home with them. 

Our hearts are full seeing the joy that this community project has brought our guests, and we are very excited to see this project continue to grow! We look forward to seeing how wide and far the kindness rocks made here will travel, so please take pictures of your creations to share on socials, and be sure to tag us! We would love to feature the love thats been shared from around the globe!

Instagram: @goodvibesri

Facebook: @goodvibesri

TikTok: @goodvibesri

We would love to give a huge thanks to all of those who have helped our garden to grow, stay spreading the light and the Good Vibes!

One Love, 

Natalie + Amanda